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Bromo tours and travel package

Bromo tours

Bromo Tours is a very famous tourist and exotic in Indonesia, particularly in Java. this mountain be an active volcano that is very intriguing and presents a natural charm that is second to none. Here you will see how the natural beauty combined with the friendliness of the locals in order to present and facilitate tourists.

About Bromo Tours

In the region of Mount Bromo, B29 Peak area actually has been very famous for the beauty of the present State in the clouds that are very pleasing to the eye. Not only that, but the charm of sunrise also become one of the prime tourist spot that has always been one of the priorities for the tourists who come to the tourist area of Bromo Tours . However, to enjoy the beauty of Bromo, there are still some other ways that you can do. Like riding on the sand.

One way to make your holiday more exciting as a visit to the tourist area Bromo Tours is to enjoy the thrill of riding in the region of Mount Bromo sand is very broad. Very interesting Bromo has become one of the favorite activities of the tourists considering that sand will feel very much when reached by foot.

Overlay riding in the Sand

Bromo tours – Overlay riding in the Sand

As an alternative, you can rent a horse and enjoy the thrill of riding in that sand. This will add to the impression and excitement of your vacation. Not only limited to being tourists, but you also can act like a cowboy when riding. If you do not want to ride a horse, then rent a jeep can also be an option for those who are already reluctant to walk to cross the sand before finally climbing the stairs to the top of Mount Bromo region.

Bromo tours - Edelweis in bromo

Bromo tours – Edelweis in bromo

Edelweiss flower, also known as interest only in a cool place else can you meet when you are in the region of Mount Bromo. In addition to the natural beauty spoiled with endless during your trip in the tourist area of Mount Bromo, edelweiss flower can also be one of the things that are sought after by the tourists who visit. Not only that, you can buy flowers edelweiss on sale by traders in the region to be taken as a souvenir for the loved ones waiting at home.

Bromo tours package

In order to facilitate the tourists to enjoy the beauty of bromo and other tourist spots in Indonesia we provide some tour packages are varied to suit your needs. One of which is Bromo Midnight Tour.

If you are from the city of Surabaya you can choose tour package among others

  1. Surabaya – Menjangan Island – Ijen – Bromo – Surabaya 4D/3N

  2. Surabaya – Ijen Crater – Bromo – Malang – Surabaya 4D3N

  3. Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Bali 3D/2N

  4. Surabaya – Bromo – kalibaru – Sukamade – Ijen – Bali 5D/4N

  5. Surabaya – Ijen – Bromo – Surabaya 3D/2N

  6. Surabaya – Ijen – Kalibaru – Bromo – Surabaya 4D/3N

  7. Surabaya – Ijen – Bromo – Surabaya 3D/2N

If you are in the city of Yogyakarta / Jogja please use the following package:

  1. Yogyakarta – Bromo – Bali 2D/1N

  2. Yogyakarta – Bromo – Kalibaru – Ijen – Bali 4D/3N

  3. Yogyakarta – Bromo – Kalibaru – Sukamade – Ijen – Bali 5D/4N

  4. Yogyakarta – Bromo – Ijen – Bali 3D/2N

You can also start your tour from Bali.

  1. Bali – Ijen – Sukamade – Kalibaru – Bromo – Surabaya 5D/4N

  2. Bali – Bromo – Ijen-Bali 3D/2N

  3. Bali – Ijen – Kalibaru – Bromo – Surabaya 4D/3N

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